classification In python

Classification In Python

What Is Classification ? Classification Is Processes for find pattern from structured or unstructured observed data when output variable is categorical. In Classification model Give one or more than one inputs will try to predict the finite and discrete values outcomes. example: house price prediction, whether monsoon prediction, gender of a person on hand writing, Logistic Regression …

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regression in python

Regression In Python

What Is Regression? Regression is statistical processes for find relationship between depends variable and independent variables. depended variable also called as predict or outcome variable. independent variable also call as predictors, covariates, or features variable. independent may be one or more variables. Regression analysis use for prediction, forecasting and analyse relationship between dependent and independent variable. …

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data preprocessing

Data Preprocessing

What is Data Preprocessing? Data Preprocessing Is Process Of Transforms Data Into Algorithm Knowing Data. RealWord [Raw ]Data Is In incomplete and inconsistent Not Always. Make Raw-data Useful Using DataPreprocessing. Data Preprocessing Step By Step Step 1 : Import the libraries Step 2 : Import the data set Step 3 : Data Cleaning Step 4 : Data Transformation Step 4 : Data Reduction Step 5: Feature Scaling …

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